From the Playwright/PI

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Thank you for coming to see and share your thoughts about We See You, Sis, a play about depression, stigma and the resilience of Black women.  When I took a break from acting in 2008 to become a nurse, my goal was to merge my two lives together--using the arts to address health and social conditions that unnecessarily diminish the quality of our lives. We See You, Sis is a manifestation of that vision. 


I dedicate this presentation to the late Dr. Loretta Jones, Founder of Healthy African American Families, who was a Co-Investigator and early champion of this project.  She taught me that healing our communities is a community effort. Spending hours on end with a community of my sisters as we developed this play -- talking, laughing, crying, holding one another up as we shared our experiences with depression and the resolve to rise in spite of all its trappings -- allowed the healing work of We See You, Sis to begin. We hope you enjoy this gift of being seen.

With love,

Kia Skrine Jeffers, PhD, RN, PHN

Principal Investigator/Playwright, We See You, Sis