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Our mission is to strengthen resiliency and improve the mental health of local and national diverse populations through rigorous research, effective programs, and partnering with consumers, children and their families, community-based and policy agencies.

Healthy African American Families II (HAAF) was founded in 1992 by the late Dr. Loretta Jones. It was originally funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to investigate low birth weight and infant mortality in African American women in Los Angeles. Since then HAAFII has grown into a multi-faceted community agency. Part of our mission is to ensure research is being done ethically and equitably in community. We believe in a bidirectional learning model, where all knowledge is important and we hold our partners accountable for reporting back and creating wins for both academia and community.

By training nurse & physician researchers who work as leaders & collaborators embedded in communities, healthcare systems, government, foundations, & think tanks in the United States & worldwide, NCSP Scholars aim to be change agents by driving policy-relevant research, partnering to improve health & health care, cultivating equity, eliminating health disparities, inventing new models of care, & achieving higher quality health care at lower cost. 


The Research in the Arts (RIA) grant program was developed in order to foster original research on the value and impact of the arts. In the pilot year of the program, the California Arts Council awarded 4 project grants of up to $50,000 to California based scholars and research teams. RIA fosters original California-based research to contribute to a growing body of international scholarship about the profound impact that the arts have in many aspects of human experience. Research can lead to the development of crucial tools for the field, and for the information of our legislators and other key decision makers.